Terms & Conditions!

It is mandatory to agree with the given terms and conditions for hiring our SEO services.

This contract is entered between Rapidxseo located at 4293 Euclid Avenue, Los Angeles - US 90012 and your company ( hereinafter will be referred to as Client” in the agreement to be signed with us and in the later words of terms and conditions.

  • Rapidxseo will provide clients with Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO) that have been described in this contract. As per the contract, we will be liable to carry out multi-pronged SEO techniques to improve the positions of the website mentioned by the client in the agreement.
  • Rapidxseo aim to deliver two main aims for our esteemed client that are: to optimize the website/content of the client in the search engine pages. Please note the term “Search Engine” usually refers to Google.
  • The SEO team at Rapidxseo will do research on the selected and appropriate keywords and search intent of the users to provide the client with a comprehensive roadmap for the SEO plan.
  • All information, publications, and material are copyrighted by Rapidxseo that including the information of the website and the data shared on the website of the client.
  • We are liable not to share the information/data collected from the client website with a third party.
  • Rapidxseo team may ask the client to provide the credentials of the website in order to implement the SEO strategies perfectly. In this connection, we may request the client to provide us necessary credentials of the website for optimization purposes. American Marketing Expert will not have the right to change/edit the credentials. The sole purpose of the credentials is to improve the on-site optimization of the website. The client will have to notify the SEO team of Rapidxseo if the website’s credentials are edited by the owner of the website. Once the service period is over, the client may change the password and C panel access to the website.
  • The SEO team of Rapidxseo may upload some content in the shape of blogs, articles, videos, testimonials and etc., as per the SEO campaign formulated for the website of the client.
  • It is to clarify to our esteemed clients that we do not offer software development services that are related to SEO. Our SEO experts devise SEO campaigns by keeping multiple factors of the client’s demand on the table. If so, you do hear about software available from a third party; you should ignore that information.

For executing our professional SEO services, the client shall agree to provide the following credentials:

  • Admin and backend access to the client’s website. Rapidxseo team may edit the written web content for SEO purposes and contact the third parties directly. The third may include (Google, SEMrush, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Bing, and other companies).
  • The client shall also agree to provide access to the data of the existing traffic of the client’s website.
  • The client shall also authorize Rapidxseo to use the client’s branding (Logos, Pictures, Trademarks, website images, and the existing content).
  • It is to clarify to our esteemed client that all fees charged for SEO services are non-refundable. Rapidxseo keep all the information (service fee, documents, NDA, and reports) confidential. The client will have to pay an extra fee for other services. The fee may be revised to extend the project.
  • It is to mention to our clients that Rapidxseo have absolutely no control over the policies of Google, Bing, and other Search Engines. We do not have any type of direct content with the search engine companies. Therefore, the website of the client may be deindexed from any directory of the search engine at any time, and it is the sole discretion of the search engine company to deindex from the directory.
  • The team of American Marketing Expert will not be responsible for the changes made to the client’s website by the third parties that affect our efforts for improving the ranking on Google or directly by the sole discretion of the client. We shall be informed before making any kind of changes.


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