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In addition to other things, press releases can be used to promote event success, product announcements, new hires, book launches, high-status awarding ceremonies, and more. To take advantage of it, you need a PR writer who focuses on creating copy that characterizes your brand in the best possible way and gets individuals eager about what you do.
An optimized press release writing requires unique skills because it is a unique writing format. At RapidX SEO, our team of creative writers includes some writers who are experts in press release writing. They know how to write perfect headlines that grab the audience’s attention and how to develop content to convey the facts of the story. Just as our press release writers are well-versed in PR, they are also experts at suggesting stories that journalists can turn into stories.
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We believe in providing quality content at affordable prices. You need to use our press release writing service that builds reputation and consistency and sets your business apart from the competition. We offer the best press release writing services in USA!
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We guarantee the exclusivity of the content we produce. At RapidX SEO, we know how important your product’s reputation and appeal are.

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As a press release writing company, we are the best in the business.


The privacy of your content is our main concern. Our privacy policy ensures that all info and statements relating to press releases cannot be misinterpreted or reproduced.

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Even if you are in a hurry, we can immediately prepare the content without quality problems.

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Please leave constructive feedback to help us improve according to your preferences.

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We provide a 24/7 support service and are always available and responsive to our customers.

Why Is Press Release Writing Beneficial?

We help you capture the attention of your target audience with our clear, direct, and winning press release writing services. Showcase your events and news with stunning content today and beat the competition! This is your chance to get all your needed attention and improve your business.
Become An Industry Expert

Publishing a formal press release for your business establishes you as an industry expert, and people will take you more formally.

Improve Your Marketing Plan

How do you expect potential customers to engage with you financially if they don’t know you exist? This is where informative press release writing comes to the rescue.

Your Sales Go Up

Your final goal is to increase your sales and convert them into a great return on investment. Many people will see your press release so that you can profit from it.

Make Your Official Statement Monumental.

Looking for press release writing services? We can help! At RapidX SEO, we write, publish and distribute your press release to news websites, journalists, bloggers, and media outlets. Contact now!

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We provide our best so that our clients can succeed in their industry. As the best press release writing services provider in town, we deliver unexpected results. Our professionally written press releases have helped thousands of individuals build their reputations and successfully grow their businesses.

Industries We Serve


We work with Realtors/Brokers to help them expand their reach and get higher-quality real estate leads and deals.

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We work with health coaches, doctors, dietitians, physical therapists, and other medical professionals to establish them as leading experts in their respective fields.

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We help B2B businesses by creating unique content, unswerving branding, and the finest online presence to get more leads.

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We work in partnership with tour operators, dive centers, etc. We help these companies grow their online presence, optimize their brand value and reach more customers through our internet marketing services.

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Increase the number of clicks and conversions for your online store and increase sales to the highest. We promote their brand online and get new followers to spread the word about them.

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We introduce businesses to cutting-edge Web3 technology, exposing its cryptographic design to users in the digital realm. Generate interest in your Blockchain-based business with proven SEO, PPC, and social media strategies.

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Promote New Products And Services Professionally

Build your authority and gain the trust of your audience with professional press release writing and distribution services from RapidX SEO. Grab the attention of current and potential customers by issuing press releases that reinforce your position as an industry leader.
Our press release writers will tell your audience everything you want to say. Just provide an outline, and our writers will start writing your press release. They also follow the posting guidelines of major PR sites so that you can share your press release with a large audience.
Increase conversions with informative, fact-rich, SEO-optimized press releases written for you by RapidX SEO.